Monday, February 20, 2006

Mrs. Yogi

A wonderful thing happened post-yoga yesterday. I go yogic twice or three times a week at Bikram Yoga College of India ( It's really cool. Actually, it's really hot--the room where you do your 26 asanas in 90 minutes is kept at a constant temperature of 105 degrees F, with 40 percent humidity. Your first time there, you just try to survive. You sweat like the proverbial pig. There are times you feel ready to pass out. And yes, you have to work out on an empty stomach otherwise chances are, your stomach will be emptying pretty soon during class. But if you survive--you are hooked. It not only rejuvenates your body and soul, it focuses you and infuses a sense of "god's in his heaven, all's right with the world." A certain joie de vivre, you know? Not to forget all the nice energy you generate. OK, your muscles ache quite a bit too, but no gain without pain, wot? Plus you lose weight.

Anyhoo, this isn't intended to be a Bikram yoga advertisement. I was going to relate what happened after class yesterday. So, there I was, trying to cool down while staring at a poster of good ole Bikram (I think) engaged in some truly impossible poses. I guess I was tsk, tsking and shaking my head in combined horror and disbelief when the yoga instructor came upto me and said, "One day, huh?" At which I laughed a hollow laugh. "But you have time on your side," she insisted. "You keep doing this, you will get there."

And now comes the best part. "You are in your 20's right?" she asked. At which, I laughed some more (gee, maybe all this yoga tickles your sense of humor as well), albeit in afore-mentioned hollow fashion. "You can't be more than 25," she said.

OK, I guess I should've started with an indication of my age. I am in my early 30s--fairly early--but in my 30s nonetheless. The last time I was thought to be 25, was, like, when I was 25 maybe. There was a time when getting carded at bars was frustrating. Now I pull out my card with a flourish and a huge grin. (You know you're getting old when...)

Hey, maybe this yoga stuff works real well, after all.