Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pressing the Panic Button

"Mommy, how do babies get inside mommies' bellies?"
Dang. Thought I'd been prepared for this. But of course, come crunch time, all I'd carefully researched and rehearsed about explaining the birds and the bees in a manner calculated to satisfy the most exacting little kid seemed to have evaporated leaving a big blank in its place.
"Umm," I murmured, desperately playing for time, while racking the grey cells for something. Anything that didn't include the hardware that acts in the reproduction process.
"When mommies and daddies love each other, they make babies," I said, sounding lame even to me.
"How?" asked my scientifically minded 4-year-old.
"Well, when they get married..." I said, digging a deeper hole for myself.
"But HOW?"
Finally I muttered something about thinking about it and getting back to her.
I turn to you, my friends. I know some of you have blogged about this in the past. If so, could you please send me the link? Anyone struck with inspiration can advise. Just don't tell me to tell her like it is. I believe in being as matter-of-fact as possible with Raina, except where human reproduction is concerned. I think she's too small to know what goes where and what actually happens.
There's got to be books about explaining this.