Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Time for... More Rainisms!

"Mommy, did you know that dinosaurs are in-sting?"
With visions of bees and dinosaurs running in my head, I said what I say often these days when listening to Raina: "Huh?"
"Yes, they are all dead!" piped R.
"Ah! Extinct!" intelligence belatedly dawned.
"Do you know, Mommy, when I discover a dinosaur in the backyard, what I am going to call it?"
"What are you going to call it, Raina?" I asked obligingly.
"Huh?" says this very duh mama.
"Yes, because T-rex and Triceratops are already there -- and they're all dead! Mine is going to be a new one, so it's going to be called Rainatops."
"Why not Rainasaurus?" asked her dad.
"OK, the next one I find in the backyard, I'll call Rainasaurus," Raina assured him.

Lately, Raina's been pretty preoccupied by thoughts of death and marriage.
Yesterday, when tucked in bed for the night, she said out of the blue, "Mommy, when people die, do they all die as a family?"
"Well," said Mommy, reluctantly engaging her fatigued brain into gear, "not necessarily. Sometimes, mommies or daddies die, sometimes kids die."
"But if everyone died, I'd be so sad!" R said, her voice beginning to break. "I would be alone and I would sit on the couch and cry and cry because everyone would be dead and I won't be able to marry anybody!"
"Well, I am sure not everyone would die at the same time. You'll find some man to marry."
"I don't want to marry a man! All men are already married!"
"Not all men are married. Your Uncle Mikey's not married."
"Uncle Mikey doesn't want to marry. That's why he's not married. OK, name three men who are not married."
"Huh?" said Mommy, ready to crawl under Raina's comforter and pass out herself. "OK, let me think."
Long pause while Mommy thinks. She can't believe how few single men she knows these days. Then she names three men.
Comforted, R goes to sleep with a big smile on her face.

P.S. Folks, this is post #101!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nine Months of Rohan

The boy has officially spent as much time outside the belly as within. So...

He can drink other than breastmilk.

He can eat solids.

And he can partyyyy!

Happy 9 months, Rohan!