Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Palin In Comparison

American women wanted Hillary Clinton in the White House -- but since they can't have her, they'll settle for the next best thing, Sarah Palin.
If the political pundits are to be believed, that's why Republican presidential hopeful John McCain chose the completely unknown glam queen (she was a runner up for Miss Alaska) as running mate -- hoping to cop the votes of those women feeling disenfranchised after Clinton failed to win the Democratic presidential nomination.
My first thought when I read that was "What the heck was he thinking?" I mean, it's laughable, right?
On the one hand you have (or don't have, as the case turned out) Hillary, strongly intelligent, pro-choice, as experienced in world politics as, well, Bill, with a hefty 8 years under her belt as U.S. senator and ummm, a Democrat.
On the other, you have Sarah, no doubt intelligent (but how do we know that?), anti-abortion, a gun owner (has anyone seen that picture of her proudly posing with that moose she killed?), experienced in world politics because "Alaska is the closest to Russia," courtesy Cindy McCain (who could be First Dumb Blonde Lady -- let's not even go there), experienced to help lead a nation of 250 million because her longest political stint has been as mayor of a town of 7,000 people (though she's been governor now for less than 2 years) and ummm, a Republican.
Sound like twins, don't they?
McCain obviously thinks so. He thinks women either don't care or don't have the requisite intelligence to understand that all Clinton and Palin share is gender. That just because Palin is a woman, Hillary supporters will rally around her, catapulting McCain to the White House. And once there, Palin will just... fade away into the background, letting the man lead. Like she herself said, what does a vice president do anyway?
If Palin ever became vice president, it would be one small step for woman, one giant leap backward for womankind.
So what's the American woman to do? Vote for Obama, I say.
Wish I could.


shobha said...

I whole heartedly concur.

eve's lungs said...

I read in the papers today that she charges the Govt for staying in her own house - quite mystifying.

rads said...

She has not impressed me one bit. I couldn't take that shot of her and that moose! The parallel you drew is perfect.

All the more reason to vote for Obama. At least on a completely flippant note he's young and cute! ;-)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I agree with everything you expressed and I immensely liked the way you expressed it!

A Muser said...

Shobha: Then I hope, unlike me, you can vote!
EL: Hmm. Haven't read that. Maybe she's refused to stay in the official Governor mansion?
Rads: Isn't he? :)) I haven't been so charmed by a politician ever. He's a thinker and that's so incredibly hot!
Mamma Mia! Thanks!

Mystic Margarita said...

Bravo! Couldn't have put it better or more succintly even if I tried! :)

Artnavy said...

you make me wish i could vote and i am not even in the US!!

A Muser said...

Mystic, you're making me blush :)
Artnavy, then you can imagine how frustrating it is to live here and not vote! Maybe it's time to look into the citizenship deal.

Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

First, thanks for dropping by my site. You know I am a bit afraid because I know there ARE women out there who may otherwise be undecided who will vote the McCain ticket because a CONSERVATIVE WOMAN is his running mate.

I know that I read and heard many women say that if Hillary Clinton was not the candidate then they would vote for McCain.It was more important to some women that a woman be on the ticket than the issues and views represented by the candidates. Some of them were venting but some meant and those are the women that Palin will pull in.

I personally view the "I am not voting for Obama if Clinton doesn't win the nomination" to be a huge disrespect for Hillary Clinton.

A Muser said...

Onedia, I agree. It's not only disrespectful to Hillary; voting for Palin could turn women's rights back to before Roe vs. Wade. Surely those rights are more important than having a woman vice president! Do you think Hillary's doing all she can to send out a clear message of the consequences of voting for Palin?

choxbox said...

hang on a sec - why cant you vote???!!
in the UK you get to vote if you're paying council tax!

A Muser said...

Really? Wow!!! We pay taxes like any other citizen, but we can't vote. Hey, you're right, we should have a say where our tax dollars go! It's our constitutional right! I'm going to get me a lawyer asap!

Simran said...

Very True, i sail in the same boat. I cannot vote either. But the more I hear her speak at rallies, the more I wonder where this nation is heading. Her pro-life seems such a judgmental stand.
And that is the ONE MAIN reason for my dislike.

One cannot be a hypocrite, By saying one is pro -life and go about shooting animals, is that not LIFE? so what if not in human form? I am not a preacher of vegetarianism or for that matter a " Prevention of Cruelty to Animals activist". No, but i dont like hypocrisy.

One cannot comment on what is the right thing to do for someone else.
Coz we are no in their shoes..I was shocked by her response to what a rape victim should do..

Who is to decide, But the person in question