Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"What the heck?!" exclaimed Raina in disgust.
"Wha?" I looked at her shocked. "Little girls aren't supposed to say, 'What the heck'!"
"What can I say then?" my 4-year-old asked.
"Well, you already say, 'Oh my gosh!' That works fine," I explain.
"No, I like to say, 'Oh my god!' instead," she said. "Because I have 2 gods. One god is on my pillow and I have a god thing in my room."
(Note: She has a pillow on her bed that she hugs that has the picture of Ram. A statue of Krishna and Radha is on her nightstand.)
"But God is in my heart too," she continues.
"God is everywhere," I begin, a litany she's familiar with. God's everywhere, he's in you, you are God, etc.
"Yes!" she interrupts. "He's in my brain and in my eyes. The brain has lots of buttons in it, and I have 2 God buttons in it."
"Yeah," I say slowly. "OK then."
Glad we got that squared away.

We often argue about how many kids she should have when she grows up. She wants 10. I firmly shake my head. We bargain a bit, and now we're down to 2 kids. The reason I claim to have any say in the matter is because she vows to live with us forever. She's never getting married, she's decided. If she does, her husband will also stay with us. But she wants to be a mom for sure. "Being a mom is such fun," she told me this evening. "I can't wait to be a mom!"
"It's a lot of work," I correct. "It's fun but a lot of work."
"I want to do that when I grow up," she said. "I want to do what you do."
"Well, it's important to be more than a mom," I said, visions of teenage pregnancy flitting through my head. "It's important to study, so you can earn money, and when your kids are in school, maybe you would want to go back to work."
Is it any wonder I'm braindead by the end of the day?


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Still RingOTFL! WHat a pataki you have there on your hands!

the mad momma said...

meh. let her plan ten kids. i planned 12 and my mom nodded wisely. i had my first and almost didnt get around to having number two once i saw what it entailed. :D she is such a cutie.

A Muser said...

Mamma Mia, you're right about calling her pataki! Most days when she isn't driving me around the bend, I get so puffed up with pride because she's so smart.
MM, I guess your Mom was right not to take you very seriously when you said 12! Me, I get a little nervous and use instances like that as yet another opportunity to plug studying and economic independence. I know, I sound pompous even to my own ears!

Terri the terrific said...

Where did you get a pillow cover with Ram on it? I haven't seen any around here. Is it OK to drool on the pillow?

Choxbox said...

ROTFL! The things they say God (the ones which are the two buttons in my brain!)

A Muser said...

Terri, my friend had the pillow custom made somewhere in Mumbai. If you want details, I'll find out for you. Let me know. As regards drool, by the time Raina's asleep that pillow has migrated from her arms to the other end of the bed!
Choxbox, I don't know where she got the buttons from, but she's learning about the brain these days from a cool collection of books called My Body. Each book talks about a different part of the body: the brain, the digestive system, the bones, the heart and lungs, etc. There's a lot of talk of intestines in our house these days.

Anonymous said...

a muser:

10 kids = 2 kids

raina is on the binary system, not decimal.

"As regards drool, by the time Raina's asleep that pillow has migrated from her arms to the other end of the bed!"

having been the recipient of both, i prefer getting drooled on over getting kicked!

- s.b.

dipali said...

Such a delightful kid! Enjoy:)

Rohini said...

LOL! What an adorable bundle of laughs :D

A Muser said...

s.b., :) Does it have to be either/or?
Dipali and Rohini, thanks! She does brighten my day!

Anonymous said...

delurking to say
"10 kids = 2 kids"

i like
i agree
i have

A Muser said...

Hehehe, MaidInMalaysia! They do feel like 10 some days, don't they? Glad you de-lurked.