Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weaning Day

I've been so bad about blogging Rohan's milestones. Other than his 6-month 'birthday' and his first birthday, I've written little about him. But today is a special day and an extra special milestone for both him and his mom. Today's the first day Rohan went 24 hours without breastmilk.

So yup, the little man's weaned. Almost eight months after I thought to wean him. But it's done, without any fuss or muss.

The weaning actually began 3 months ago, when I started giving him formula in a sippy cup. Slowly but surely, the quantity of formula went up; consequently, the breastmilk started slowing down. At that point, I was nursing Rohan 5 times a day. Then about 45 days ago, I decided to quit nursing him to sleep for his morning and afternoon naps. I substituted nursing with books and a song, some gentle rocking. After lots of tears on both sides, he began adjusting to his new routine. Now he loves his books and gets so excited when it gets to be naptime! I know, the excitement defeats the purpose, but he does calm down quickly enough.

Next to go was his nursing session first thing in the morning. He wouldn't take the sippy, being still cranky, so I just began to pick him up from the crib and take him downstairs. There, watching the Christmas tree lights, Rohan drinks his milk.

Then tonight. It was not the day I would have chosen. We were buying a rug for the house, so were out till past his bedtime. So his routine of bath-then-bed was messed up. But I thought I would give it a try. I put him in his comfy blanket sleeper, out came the favorite books, then the song and rocking. When the time came, I put him down, kissed him good night, turned off the light and walked out of the room. Outside, I waited breathlessly for the tears I knew would come.

They didn't.

It's over.


Thinking Cramps said...

Congrats :) I liked the last line. Simple, but lots of emotion behind it I'm sure.

You're tagged.

A Muser said...

Oh, plenty of emotion! Relief, but sadness... Will check out the tag.

choxbox said...

can so relate to this.

eve's lungs said...

Sad but essential . Weaning is the first step of letting go for both, na ? I hope he doesnt get too teary , though , poor mite . And what's Raina's take on all this ?snell

dipali said...

Aww-it's a big and heartbreaking milestone! Sounded pretty smooth- great:)

A Muser said...

Guess a lot of moms have similar feelings, Chox.
EL, Raina's sad her cartoon time's reduced. She got to watch cartoons while I nursed Rohan to sleep, and the new sleep routine means I'm out of his room in 10 minutes. Such is life :D Letting go is hard...
Dipali, you're so right as usual.