Tuesday, October 02, 2018

A Slave to Routine

Living in Southern California makes it easy to follow an exercise routine. You can't say, "Hey, it's raining today, guess I will have to skip that walk." Or "Yet another snowstorm?! I am sick of being housebound!" 


Here, it's sunny and 75 degrees F Every Single Day. No wonder this place is crawling with walkers, runners, cyclists, triathletes ... you name the exercise, there's someone doing it. We don't live in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood -- no stores, bars or restaurants nearby -- but you will definitely see a whole lot of people going nowhere. 

As I live near the coast, there's an additional blessing, the marine layer. Every morning until around 10 a.m., the sun will not penetrate this thick cloud hanging under the sky. So you can't even say, "Hey, too sunny, guess I will skip that walk." 


There's no darn excuse. 

So off I go.

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