Monday, January 22, 2007

Isn't she lovely?

Just wanted to share a picture of my black cat Pilcrow aka Pikey, The Black Monster and Meow Cat (because of the length and variations in her meows). Pikey'll be 6 years old this May. She's a SoCal cat, found roaming in a friend's colleague's apartment complex more than 5 years ago. Our first impression of her was a black blurry bullet that whistled around our legs chasing something, someone, whatever. That set the pattern for the rest of her year as a kitten. I fondly remember how after one of those chases, she'd just collapse on us like a tired newborn babe, curl up in a ball or just splay out so her claws would be gently immersed in our clothes. Then she'd proceed to sleep. Woe betide the person who'd try to get up -- as at some point in our lives, we all must do. I have not so fond memories of numerous bloody scratches. We contemplated having her declawed to save our skin and our furniture. That's before we knew what declawing would involve. She used to be such a child. She'd meow a host of complaints when I'd leave the house to go grocery shopping. Then she'd meow a storm when I got back. She'd only be appeased if you spent the next 30 minutes petting her. Then she'd purr like a train.
After Raina was born, poor Pikey had to grow up and be the Big Sister. She'd watch over my shoulder during those midnight feedings, checking out the enemy. My parents were worried that she may harm the baby, but we were more worried about Pikey. She'd run terrified from the room when the baby would cry -- Raina has quite a set of lungs. Suddenly no one had that much free time to pet the cat or scratch underneath her chin or play flashlight with her.
Now things have evened out a bit. Now Pikey just enters a room after Raina exits it. She just wakes up after Raina goes down for a nap. And once Raina's down for the night, it's Pikey time, folks...

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