Thursday, June 05, 2008

C'est Moi

As if everyone didn't know enough about me, Eve's Lungs has tagged me to tell you more! And since I was one of those teenagers who wrote pages and pages about myself in friends' opinion books, I'm dishing it out here. Enjoy... or beware!

I am: a good listener.
I think: way too much and act way too little.
I know: that I am changing every day in every way -- and some changes I don't love.
I want: a life well lived.
I have: nothing. Trying to be less possessive about people and things.
I wish: my kids will be all they can be.
I hate: to schmooze. So I don't do it.
I miss: Bombay. My parents. My brother. My friends.
I fear: for my kids. The world can be an evil place.
I feel: Raina's ribs. That girl is too thin.
I hear: Rohan crying... even when he's not. :(
I smell: the cool evening air, presently.
I crave: chocolate.
I search: for the next step I want my life to take.
I wonder: how Pikey The Cat can sleep all day and night.
I regret: not going into the science field.
I love: people-watching in cafes with P.
I ache: when I see a news article on a missing child.
I care: about planet earth.
I am not: a domestic diva.
I believe: in the healing power of cuddles.
I dance: with Raina and Rohan.
I sing: in my car all the time. Loudly.
I cry: when I'm sick and hurting.
I don’t always: go out of my way for people.
I fight: when I am angry.
I write: because I love words.
I win: fair and square. I hate cheating.
I lose: with a smile and a shrug.
I never: lose hope.
I always: live and let live.
I confuse: my relatives. They just can't peg me.
I listen: to Raina's talks, Rohan's babbles and P's day at work.
I can usually be found: in the library. OK, that was before I had kids.
I am scared: that the worst is yet to come.
I need: my books.
I am happy about: my decision to have two kids.

I pass this on to Anamika, Rads, Cee Kay and Sraikh (


Cee Kay said...

Thanks for the two tags. You seem to be on a roll! Will complete these as soon as I can.

Thinking Cramps said...

I liked "I crave, and I believe..." Me too!

That's a lot to think about. And so I am twice-tagged, by you and Eve's Lungs :)

Don't you know I'm called THINKING CRAMPS? How am I going to think that much.sighh...

Will come back and tell you when it's done.

A Muser said...

Cee Kay, hadn't realized I'd tagged you twice! Sorry! If you're very busy, feel free to do whichever one you like.
Anamika, you can do it. EL and I have faith in you. No pressure, of course. :P

Thinking Cramps said...

So I thought and thought and thought, and when I had thunk, I did the post.

Mystic Margarita said...

I did this one, too! :)

A Muser said...

I know, Mystic, I read it. Quite a few points of similarity :)