Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Function of the Heart

Every night before sleeping, Raina requests a verse of a Hindi song, followed by the translation.

Usually, I try for kid-friendly songs, but tonight, I just couldn't think of one. So I began singing, "Dil deewana, bin sajana ke, maane na..." Yup, Maine Pyaar Kiya. It's funny the songs one thinks of. Anyhoo, I digress.

So this was the translation: "My crazy heart, without the person I love, doesn't feel happy." I know. Sucky translation. But my daughter doesn't care. Probably because she knows no better.

Ensuing discussion --

Raina: So this basically means that this person's heart isn't happy because the person she loves is not around.

Me: Exactly!

Raina: Because her heart is full of love, right? Because hearts have a lot of love. They pump love. They pump blood too, but in the center is love, and they have blood in the sides, right?


Couldn't resist sharing that nugget.


eve's lungs said...

This Raina-ism is priceless ! What is the Boy up to ?

A Muser said...

EL, the boy grows naughtier in deed rather than in word. These days, all his questions start with "Do you...?" So instead of "Will you..." he will say "Mama, do you fix this?" He has a particular sing-song way of talking which is really quite hilarious.

the mad momma said...

too cute :) she hit the nail on the head

A Muser said...

MM, have you noticed you and Raina are in agreement more often than not? What's up with that? :)

dipali said...

That is just so sweet!
Please give her a great big hug from me.

A Muser said...

Will do, Dipali. She's so precious to me.

the mad momma said...

that is because Raina and I are twin souls. i'm sure i just gave you something to worry about.

A Muser said...

MM, considering her goal in life is to become a mom, I think she'll do very well if you are twin souls!